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Sandalwood Bracelet


A Tibetan Sandalwood wrist bracelet. The bracelet has 26 wood beads and each bead approximately measures at 7mm. It has an adjustable string to fit any wrist size. Commonly used for meditation, you can usually see Tibetan Buddhist monks and lay persons using similarly styled bracelets during their travels around stupas/topes and/or doing prostrations all over Tibet, Nepal and India.

Each Sandalwood Bracelet is made by hand, so there may be slight variations from the pictures shown.

Material: (26) 7mm sandalwood wooden beads.
Dimensions: 4.41" x 3.35" x 0.87".
Use + Care: Wear on whichever wrist you prefer. Commonly worn on the left when not in use and right when in use, regarding meditation and prayer in South + East Asia.

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