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Soap Saver Pouch


A clean, plastic-free, and bacteria-free way to replace bottled soaps and plastic loofahs. This Soap Saver Pouch is made with organic undyed cotton mesh fabric, providing a gentle exfoliation for your skin. Perfect for all skin types. Each Soap Saver Pouch is mindfully designed so that at the end of their lifecycle, they can biodegrade back to the Earth.

Material: 100% Organic undyed cotton.
Dimensions: 4" wide x 5.5" high.
Use + Care: Place your favorite soap inside the pouch for lather, and hang dry after every use. The Soap Saver Pouch is machine wash & dry safe with regular laundry. Please wash before use, and allow for 10-20% shrinkage.
End of Life: The Soap Saver Pouch is made with 100% organic undyed cotton. At the end of its life, simply place them into the compost, and allow for the cotton to biodegrade over 1-5 months.

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